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About Russet House Farm

Residential Learning Opportunities

Residential learning opportunities at Russet House Farm focus on sustainable living, permaculture, gardening, food preservation and fermentation, and farming. While we at Russet House Farm are involved with many aspects of sustainable farming, we do not farm for a living. That is, we do not grow meat or vegetables as part of our primary income. If you are interested in learning about farming as a business, you would be better off considering a position with a farm that is involved in a farmers market or a community shared agriculture programme. If, however, you are interested in gaining a breadth of information about regenerative gardening, farming and living, then our residential learning opportunity may be for you.

Our residential learning opportunities are generally available in the summer. In the past people have joined us for a little as a couple of weeks to as long as six months, from April to November. Since our accommodation capacity is limited, when we have


Brian, Marcia and Adam supervising on a Farm Day 2014.

multiple applicants for the same time frame, we give preference both to those who can commit to being here a longer period of time, and to those who are available at the start of the summer.


If you are interested in learning about permaculture, sustainable living, gardening and farming in a context of christian discipleship, then contact us at

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