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Russet House Farm Notecards

Celebrate Biodiversity!

Featuring photographs of insects taken at Russet House Farm.

All proceeds from these notecards go towards the purchase of

pollinator plants and trees for increasing biodiversity at Russet House Farm.

Full set of seven cards: $12.00

Set of all seven cards.jpeg

Individual cards: $2.00 each


Choose from the following images (clockwise from top):

1. Hoverfly on Shrub Rose    2. Honeybee on Apple Blossom   3. Katydid on Shrub Rose   4. Crab Spider and

                                                                                                                                Skipper on Trefoil

5. Primrose Moth on Sunflower    6. Three Banded Lady Beetle   7. Pearly Eye Butterfly (centre)


email: to order

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