All herbs $5.00 per seedling


SOLD OUT Sweet Basil - Standard Genovese basil with excellent flavour and plant habit. Annual. Grows to 45cm/18”.


SOLD OUT Lemon Basil - A lemon scented basil for use in stir fries and salads. We have sourced a variety with larger leaves and longer growth habit than other lemon scented basils.  Annual. Grows to 35cm/14”.


SOLD OUT Cinnamon Basil - Great sweet/spicy scent: excellent for chutneys, fruit salads, and dishes that need a sweet cinnamon-like flavour. Attractive plants have purple flowers and veins. Try it in your flower bed. Annual. Grows to 35cm/14”.


SOLD OUT Lavender - Hidcote One of the most adored varieties for its hardiness and beautiful deep purple strongly aromatic blossoms. Said to have been brought to England from France in the 1920s. A compact version of English lavender with silver green foliage that looks wonderful in rock gardens, borders, containers and as mass plantings. Can be used for potpourri, and sachets and holds its colour, making it ideal for crafts. Like any other variety, Hidcote Lavender must be located in full sun and planted in well drained alkaline sandy soil, ideally in a raised bed or rock garden as it is prone to root rot if conditions are too wet. May need insulation with mulch or leaves over the winter. Resistant to drought, deer and rabbits. Bloom time June-July lasting 3-4 weeks. Height 12 inches. Perennial Zone 4-9.


Oregano - Greek This is the true oregano collected wild in the mountains of Greece. White flowers; very hardy. Excellent flavour. Zones 5-11 Perennial


Parsley - Italian. Dark green, glossy leaves, with rich, strong flavour. Excellent in soups and stews. Treat as an annual.


Rosemary - A culinary staple, as its sweet resinous flavour is welcomed in savoury meats and baking. The standard variety has an upright, bushy growth, woody stems, and sticky aromatic evergreen leaves, rich in oils smelling of pine and sea. Rosemary is said to be beneficial for memory when used medicinally. It has also been researched for its role in reducing obesity, hyperglycemia, and cardiovascular disease. The oils have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-microbial properties and can even be used to repel bugs! If planted in a pot can be taken inside for the winter.


Sage - The main culinary varieties popular for poultry stuffing and for flavouring rich meats like pork or duck. Grey-green pebbly leaves, pale blue flowers The most commonly grown culinary variety. Perennial. Benefits from some winter protection. 

SOLD OUT Tarragon - The true variety used in French cooking. Dark green, shiny leaves possess a distinctive sweet mint anise flavour with hints of eucalyptus and pepper, that makes it a delicious addition to sauces, meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Tender leaves can be thrown in a salad or used in summer cocktails! Ensure optimal flavour by giving plants enough root space, frequent watering, along with well-drained alkaline soil. Thrives in full sun. Perennial. 


Thyme - Most popular, standard variety! Simple, robust and upright growth habit makes it a perfect potted or garden plant. Plant in sandy, well drained soil in full sun. Thyme is typically low maintenance, but will need to be pruned to encourage a bushy growth and prevent woodyness. Do not over water, as thyme is susceptible to fungal diseases and root rot if conditions are too wet. Harvest in the morning, as concentrations of aromatic oils are highest at this time. Perennial and can be harvested from under the snow all winter long.