Vegetables and Herbs for 2020

California Wonder (76 days) The standard open-pollinated sweet pepper. Medium 4” fruits with thick, fleshy walls and mild flavour. Matures green to crimson, although it seldom reaches the red stage in our garden.

King of the North (57 days green, 68 days red) This early, sweet bell pepper does well in cool climates. The 4” blocky fruit have thick walls and are sweet and crisp. Matures from green to red. 


Miniature Chocolate Bell (96 days) Produces good yields of small 2” wide by 2” long fruit that are sweet with thick walls. Turn from green to chocolate when mature; good for stuffing.

Pepperone de Cuneo (78 days) Small round sweet peppers in red and yellow. Very productive, thick-walled and sweet; great for snacking. This is the local pepper of Cuneo, where it is still grown on a small scale to this day. Very productive. 

Stocky Red Roaster (65 days green, 85 days red) Rich red Italian pepper with sweet flavour and thick flesh. Fruit are 5-6” long and tapered. Easy to peel after roasting. Ripen later, but worth the wait!


Sweet Lipstick (70 days) Delicious red 4” long tapered fruit with thick red flesh that is very sweet and early.


Sweet Salsa (72 days) Cone-shaped 3” x 2” peppers with thick walls that mature from green to red. Very sweet at maturity. Great for grilling, salsa and pickles. 


Ancho Hot (80 days) Considered a mild to medium hot pepper, commonly used for mole sauces when dried. Tapered 4” fruit is pungent and slightly sweet. Can be eaten fresh when it is green (called “poblano”), or when reddish-brown and dried (called “ancho”). 

Hungarian Hot Wax Long tapered 5”-6” pepper that mature from green to yellow to orange to red. Hot and sweet. Our favourite for pickled hot peppers. Also a wonderful addition to salsas. 

Red Cayenne Long, thin, cayenne peppers that mature from green to red. Great for drying and adding to stir fries. Very hot. 

Homemade Pickles (60 days) An extremely productive cucumber for pickling. Bears early and continues all summer long; last year we could hardly keep up with it. 

Marketmore (58 days) A sweet field cucumber, very productive all season long and disease resistant. Grow on a trellis for long straight fruit.


Shintokiwa (62 days) A long thin-skinned english-type cucumber. Grown up a trellis it will produce straight 9”-12” fruit all summer long. Crisp and flavourful with no bitterness. 


Mexican Sour Gherkin Also known as Mouse Melon, these adorable little fruits look like mini watermelons and taste like a tangy, lemony cucumber. Younger fruit taste most like a cucumber and as they age they acquire a pleasant sour flavour. Grow the delicate looking vines up jute netting; they do well in containers as well as in the ground. Good for pickling as well as eating fresh in salads or salsa. Perfect for a children’s garden. (Description courtesy of Hawthorn Farm where I purchased the seed.)

Golden Zucchini A dependable bright yellow zucchini, best picked when tender at 4” long. 


Black Beauty Zucchini A dependable dark green zucchini, best picked when tender at 4” long. 



Long Island Cheese A beige skinned squash, shaped like a slightly flattened pumpkin. Bright orange flesh is like a cross between a butternut and a spaghetti squash. Great for pies. Stores well, lasting well into the spring in our living room. 


Gete Okasamin This beautiful squash has been grown by Indigenous Peoples in Indiana for thousands of years. Bright orange with slightly lighter orange stripes on the outside, the bright orange flesh is mild and sweet. The skin is very thin and easy to peel. Weighing up to 18lbs, they are 2 to 3 feet long. Indigenous peoples would slice this squash up and dry the strips for later addition to soups and stews. 


Canada Crookneck The precursor to the butternut squash, Canada crookneck has the colouring of a butternut squash but has a long thin neck. Easy to peel with bright orange flesh, it has the sweet rich butternut taste. Great for soups and stews. 

Rainbow Chard Deep green leaves on brightly coloured stems. Great for stir fries and fall salads. Sold in a four pack. 

Note: All basil plants are still quite small and as a result are $2.00 each. They will take off when the weather warms up!


Large Leaf Basil The traditional large leaf sweet basil, perfect for making pesto. 


Cinnamon Basil A smaller-leaved basil with a cinnamon taste. Perfect for adding spice to a salad or stir-fry. Purple flowers attract pollinators. 

Lemon Basil A small-leaved basil that adds a taste of lemon to salad and stir-fries. A wonderful addition to a peach and tomato salad. 


Persian Basil Similar to a Thai basil, this plant adds a liquorice flavour to stir-fries. Essential for Asian cooking. 

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