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Medium Sized Varieties 2023


*SOLD OUT* Beaverlodge Slicer (55 days) Very early, with a wonderful sweet/tart taste. Plants are loaded with smooth blemish-free fruit. Perfect for containers or hanging baskets. Determinate.


Black Prince (70 days) A beautiful dark red garnet Russian variety. Sweet, rich and fruity, the medium sized fruit are smooth and blemish free.  Excellent yield. Indeterminate.

Box Car Willie (80 days) Perfect round red, medium to large tomatoes, extremely tasty and dependable. We first grew this tomato in a drought year, and it did wonderfully. A favourite of many. Indeterminate.

*SOLD OUT* Earl of Edgecombe (80 days) A beautiful round, large yellow meaty tomato with a smooth creamy flavour.  Grows well in both dry and cold weather, resistant to cracking and blossom end rot. A staple in our garden. Compact plant. Indeterminate.


Harbinger (55-60 days) Terrific flavour, reliable, lots per plant of medium-sized, thin-skinned  fruit. Introduced 1910. Does well in cool areas. Indeterminate.

Moneymaker (69 days) An old English heirloom; produces 4-6 oz globes that are intensely red, smooth and of very high  quality. This variety grows well in hot humid climates and greenhouses,  sets  in most any weather. Produces up to 60 fruits per plant. Flavourful and becoming rare. Indeterminate.

Nepal (78 days) This long-vined plant produces prolific clusters of beautiful unblemished 7–8 oz. fruit with an excellent rich flavour. A favourite of ours. From the Himalayan Mountains.

*SOLD OUT* Old Ivory Egg (70-75 days) This rare, ivory cream tomato that is shaped and about the same size of a chicken egg originated from a Swedish seed saver. Abundant quantities yield a tomato with flesh that is  creamy, sweet and rich.


*SOLD OUT* Paul Robeson (70 days) Named in honour of the famous black singer and social justice advocate, this famous tomato has almost a cult following among seed collectors and tomato connoisseurs. The fabulous-tasting distinctive, sweet and smokey fruit are a dark red colour with green shoulders. Indeterminate. 

Siberian (48 days) Very productive of 5 oz. bright red sweet flavourful tomatoes. Russian origin, sets fruit well in cool climates. Determinate.


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