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Cherry and Salad Varieties for 2023

Baxter’s Bush Cherry (60 days) Very tasty 1″ bright red cherry. Great for snacking or salads. Vigorous and productive. Determinate growth habit which eliminated the need for staking. Works well in the topsy turvy tomato growing systems. Determinate. 

Black Cherry (64 days) This dark  1” tomato is a pure burst of delicious smoky flavour, especially when eaten straight off the vine.  Large, vigorous plants. Indeterminate.

Black Plum (70 days) An abundant producer  of 2", elongated, oval, plum-shaped fruits that are coloured a beautiful deep-mahogany with dusky-green shoulders and garnet red flesh. Fruit resembles a small paste tomato but with thinner walls. Unique, sweet, tangy, rich, complex flavours. Great for snacking off the vine, sliced and scattered into a salad or making a rich, dark-coloured pasta sauce. Indeterminate.

Chadwick’s Cherry (72 days) An heirloom variety that has been grown for over 100 years. Plants produce high yields of small 1” red cherry tomatoes which grow in clusters. Sweet-tart flavour. Perfect for snacking or salads. Indeterminate.

Gardener’s Delight (70 days) Large red cherry tomato with good yields in clusters on a large plant. Very sweet and juicy. Indeterminate. 

Golden Cherry (63 days) Incredibly sweet small cherry tomatoes in abundance, perfect for snacking on in the garden, sprinkling on salads or pasta. Indeterminate.

Green Grape (70 days) Ripe green-yellow 1” tomatoes in abundant grape-like clusters of 6-12 tomatoes. Pleasant sweet-tart taste with little seed. Does well in dry conditions; easy but untidy growth. Semi-indeteterminate.

Jaune Flamme (70 days) Prolific French heirloom that bears in clusters of 9 or 10, beautiful, 1-1/2 inch, round golf-ball sized tomatoes that are persimmon-orange coloured inside and out. A delicious, tangy, full-bodied flavour that is great for snacking and salads. I consider this the best tasting tomato we grow. Indeterminate.

Mixteca Yellow Cherry Tomato (70 Days) A yellow cherry tomato given to us by our Cherokee friend Randy Woodley, who runs an Indigenous seed company ( Cherry tomatoes are true descendants of wild tomatoes in southwest coastal Mexico. These are a potato-leaved cherry tomato that we have carried for a number of years under the name “yellow cherry.” They are incredibly sweet and extremely high yielding. Slightly larger than other yellow cherry tomatoes. Indeterminate.  

Siberian (55 days) This small tomato variety sets fruit early Bright red juicy fruit with weights from 2-5 oz. Good for topsy turvy tomato growing systems. Determinate. 

*SOLD OUT* Thai Pink Egg (75 days) An heirloom from Thailand, true pink, firm, oval salad-size fruits with terrific flavour and abundant production. Does well in hot humid weather. Great for snacking and salads. Indeterminate.

*SOLD OUT* Tigerella (70 days) Lovely striped golf ball size fruit. Sweet, juicy,  incredible flavour. Red skin with yellow-orange stripes. A favourite in many gardens. Indeterminate.


*SOLD OUT* White Currant (70 days) The fruit is tiny, barely an inch across, and creamy white, with skins having a pale yellow tint. One of the sweetest tomatoes, with superb flavour. The fruit grow in clusters, and the yield is huge! Large vining plants that trails well in a hanging basked.  A wild type. Indeterminate. 

Yellow Currant (70 days) The tiniest edible tomato, these abundant currant tomatoes have an intense sweet-tart flavour. Growing in easy-to-harvest clusters. these are the closest relative to the tiny ancestral special of wild tomato, hence are able to withstand extremely hot conditions. A favourite with gourmet chefs. Indeterminate. 

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