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Russet House Farm

Russet House Farm is committed to sustainable living, creation care, and environmental education. Rooted in an agrarian biblical worldview, we embrace a regenerative agriculture that explores the intersection between biblical faith, permaculture and the land. Hospitality and education are at the heart of our vision. 

Russet House Farm is a family home, a working farm, and a place to explore the intersection between permaculture, agrarianism, sustainable living, and radical christian discipleship. As we slowly transition to a working permaculture farm, we welcome others to join us on the way through retreats, Farm Days, workshops and internships. We also run an heirloom tomato plant sale in the spring.


The farm is off grid and uses solar-voltaic energy production. On an intensive one-acre plot the community grows organic fruits and vegetables. Worked entirely by hand, the large garden feeds the household, volunteers and interns throughout the year. Animal husbandry has included rare-breed Kerry cattle, pigs, horses, muscovy ducks and chickens.

Russet House Farm
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